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Greek mythology meme: [6/6] titans

↳ Hekate

Hekate was the daughter of the Titans Asteria and Perses. She was the goddess of magic and witchcraft, ghosts, necromancy, and the night. In later traditions, she gained rule over the three-way crossroad, and was depicted as a three-form goddess.

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important photoset of dogs in blankets

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i feel like i can’t go anywhere anymore without people soothsaying my downfall. even the cashier at taco bell was all “the flock of crows taken to following you portent a disastrous and blah blah fucking blah,” i get it, i’m about to undergo a storm of tribulation, what frickin ever 

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Harry Clarke. Illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination. 1919.

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Lindsey Wixson at Donna Karan S/S 2013 at NYFW

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Sleater-Kinney announce new album, share song. Carrie Brownstein tells us the time was right to reunite

Photo: Brigitte Sire

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Photos from the cemetery used in Hocus Pocus. It’s in Marble Head, Mass and it is gorgeous. More on my Instagram

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“ Gareth Bale not playing in the El Clasico is a positive for us? I don’t care about that, I don’t care about individual players. ”

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How is ''female queerness constantly undermined and invalidated by men''

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”she’s just experimenting” ”it’s a phase” ”she’s confused” ”can I watch?” ”can I join?” ”you’re a lesbian? that’s hot” *continues to hit on you*  ”you’re bi? wanna threesome?” ”lesbian sex doesn’t count” ”girls only do it for boys attention” ”she just needs to find the right man” ”I can change your mind” ”if you use dildos that means you really just want dick”

My husband just told me that there’s a bug in a bikini doing the backstroke in our bathtub and I know it’s a lie but I just want to make sure.

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You can never label yourself as “one of the good ones” you gotta be constantly calling yourself out and checking yourself and if you can call out others. We all have internalized shit we gotta combat every second. Just gotta deal with that. Re: racism, misogyny, transmisogny, transphobia, etc. We all have something to work on!

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